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Veterinarian kneeling next to a dog

Dr. Jessie Wilkins

Dr. Jessie Wilkins, B.Sc, DVM is an Alberta native, originally from Edmonton. She graduated from UCVM in 2015. While in school, she worked at various small animal practices and participated in Veterinarians Without Borders in Kenya. She spent some of her final-year rotations providing veterinary services on the isolated ice roads in the Sathu region of the NWT, learning how to perfect the art of the blow dart, and evaluating parasite loads in wildlife in Alberta. She graduated from the University of Calgary with interests in emergency and internal medicine, infectious disease, diagnostic imaging, and promoting a healthy human-animal bond.

She spends her free time travelling, hiking in the mountains with her hubby, daughter and Adler - the four-legged canine fuzz-bucket. She also loves cycling around Calgary in search of good coffee. She looks forward to meeting you and your fuzzy sidekick!