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Dr. Dan Katz

Dr. Dan Katz

Dr. Dan Katz, B.Sc (NANS), DVM graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016. There, he was president of the Global Vets program that coordinated student volunteer trips in Africa, Asia and Central/South America. He has participated in spay/neuter clinics in The Bahamas (2x), Belize (3x), Guatemala, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. A few memories have been collected on Dan's blog website: www.dkatzovc.wordpress.com

Dan dreamt of becoming a veterinarian as far back as he can remember and was raised in a rural area of Ontario by a family of animal lovers. His dad tells stories growing up of a pigeon that used to follow his mom in the car every morning to work, and the occasional squirrel and stray, orphaned animal that Dan's grandpa would let in the house to come and go amongst the family as they please.

In 2015 he spent 4 months in Australia and New Zealand completing his veterinary externship working with both small and large animals, as well as koalas and kangaroos. Then, he was off to Geneva Switzerland for a 3-month internship in Public Health at the World Health Organization headquarters.

After graduation, Dan pursued a fast-paced and exciting career in emergency and general medicine at Fish Creek 24 Hr Pet Hospital, where he has been ever since.

Dan has a passion for minimally-invasive surgery and pursued additional training in laparoscopic surgery, allowing him to provide patients with less painful surgical options. He currently performs laparoscopic spay procedures and prophylactic gastropexy (stomach tacking to prevent GDV/bloat). He loves meeting new clients and their pets, and thrives on making a difference in a family's life through caring for their furry four-legged member!

His first and only dog Sadie - who became his best friend when he was 15 - is still with us 14 years later….and he's equally excited for the next 14.